Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to advertise my business?
A: It varies from £0.00, zero, nada, zilch to advertise on our online business directory but our advertiser prices start from as little as £35. That includes advert design and best of all there’s no VAT to pay! Click here to request a copy of our rate card.

Q: Where is the Stockton Advertiser delivered to?
A: At the moment, it covers approximately 13.5% of Stockton on Tees. We deliver to Hartburn, Fairfield, Yarm & Eaglescliffe (all TS15 / TS16 / TS18 / TS19  postcodes) as per the current Ordnance Survey boundaries.

Q: How many copies are printed?
A: 10,000. We distribute 9,933 – 9,949. We keep the remainders for potential customers, our records and for our advertisers (should they request a copy).

Q: Why Stockton? Why don’t you cover Darlington, Middlesbrough or Hartlepool?
A: Stockton is the largest area of them all. We aim to cover the whole of Stockton on Tees which is 84,500 (rounded down) properties. That’s 20,000+ more than Middlesbrough and 35,000+ more than Darlington and Hartlepool! #DidYouKnow


Q: Why do you use A6 size instead of A5/A4 size?
A: To cut down on costs. That’s what business is all about! An A5/A4 advertiser costs a lot more compared to our A6 advertiser. By having A6 size, not only do we cut our printing bill, it’s also more cost effective to have these distributed and they’re unique to what’s currently available locally. This enables us to pass the cost of advertising to our customers (we’re a lot cheaper compared to anyone else).

If I had one pound for every time someone asked me why I chosen an A6 size, I’d have an extra fiver every week!